Copernicus App Lab’s Earth Observation Data Tools Ready for Developers

Today, the beta versions of the Copernicus App Lab streaming data library and linked open data tools have been launched. Participants can use the tools for free to get easy access to Earth observation (EO) data from the European Copernicus programme and link it with other data sources.

Participating developers with the best ideas how to use the tools in a mobile app will be rewarded with a wildcard to attend the ESA’s Space App Camp in 2018 (with their travel and accommodation costs fully covered).

Explore the entire Press Release to find out more about connecting Copernicus data with other data sources and the ideal development environment for EO-based mobile applications.

Regine Heue, Head of Marketing & Communications at AZO, is responsible for managing and directing internal and external communications, supervising public relations, and is the main media contact for the organisation.

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